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    OBX Golf Memberships | Should You Join?

To Join Or Not To Join??????
Whether you are new to the game or have been playing for many years, if you love golf, surely the thought of joining a course where you can enjoy unlimited golf and other advantages that come with club membership has crossed your mind a time or two. While you might prefer the flexibility to pay greens fees at different courses in your area, it might be worth, at least, to consider the benefits that come with a club membership.

Save Money
One of the main reasons for joining a golf club, aside from the social aspects, is because it makes good financial sense. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to get more bang for their buck? If you play a lot of golf, or if you plan to start playing more frequently, figure out how much you would spend on greens fees during the year as compared to an annual membership. The idea is to lower your per round cost, so the more you play, the lower your per round cost becomes.

Enjoy Other Amenities
Many golf courses/clubs offer more than just nine or eighteen holes of golf. So there are other ways to get enjoyment out of a club membership. Practice areas and driving ranges are often found on site, and if not included in the membership fee, a lot of times you can receive reduced rates for practice. Some clubs, especially private clubs, have tennis, swimming, croquet, and other amenities for their members. Don’t forget about member services that might be available, such as, golf instruction (private & group lessons), club/equipment repair, club storage, shoe shining, and more!

Establish/Maintain Your USGA Handicap
Joining a golf club, many times allows you to establish a USGA handicap. A golf handicap is a way of measuring one’s skill of the game. A lower handicap means a better player. Having a current USGA handicap is extremely important in conducting equitable competition. If you are a beginner, this is a great way of tracking your improvement. In addition, having a USGA handicap will also make you eligible to play in club and local tournaments. Plus, it makes for interesting conversation in social settings.

Widen Your Playing Circle
The more you play at a particular course, the more likely you are to develop friendships and acquire new playing partners. Many times there are certain “groups” that have a regular time or day(s) that they play. The more fellow golfers from the course that you know, the more options you have on playing partners. Many friendships are born through the game of golf!

Now, one concern about joining a golf course/club might be that it is out of your budget, and many private clubs very well could be. But, there are other options out there that may surprise you on how affordable they are. For over 20 years, The Pointe and Carolina have offered some of the most competitive daily golf fees on the Outer Banks.

Whether you live locally, or visit the Outer Banks frequently, we recommend our Annual Greens Fee Pass (ie. annual membership), which can make golfing with us even more affordable. In addition to paying cart fee only at the Outer Banks’ two best conditioned courses (seasonal time restrictions apply), other benefits include: no initiation fee or monthly dues, so there is no long-term commitment; discounted fees at the practice facilities; discounted accompanied guest rates; seasonal walking privileges; and USGA handicap service.

Ready to Join? Contact our pro shop to inquire about a membership to both The Pointe and The Carolina Club.

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